A college barkada from UP Diliman is bound by a tradition: every time someone in their barkada turns a year older, they don’t sleep for one whole night and just bond over food, drinks, and their never-ending stories. On Charlie’s 20th birthday or what she declares as her #ABenteBabae day, the barkada’s dinner in Malingap turned into breakfast in Antipolo. Throughout the course of their celebration, long suppressed feelings, secrets, lust, and dismay within the barkada are revealed.

Producer: Chloe Ramirez
Director: Dey Illagan
Screenwriter and Production Design: Danine Cruz
Cinematographer: Shari Yu
Editor: Inna Carlos

Eleida Pedrosa as Charlie
Brix Espejo as Yanno
Clarus Cortes as Andro
Aira Morales as Data
Nic Fabian as Nimpha

Executive Producer: Raz de la Torre
Type of Production: Narrative Fiction
TRT: 19m 53s

Producing Pre-Recorded Materials for Television (BC 128)
2nd Semester, AY 2016-2017
University of the Philippines – Diliman
Department of Broadcast Communication, College of Mass Communication


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