Chowder’s story is an appalling one, but not uncommon. Chowder is a middle-aged shih tzu. He used to have a human, but when he began to have problems with his skin, hair, and eyes, his owners threwย him to the dirt. Imagine it. A dog that is used to living in a house, suddenly thrown out to the streets to fend for himself.



Photo fromย Carina Noralyn Suarez’s FB Account


Chowder was abandoned. In his time in the street in front of his former home, he got run over by a motorcycle and sustained multiple injuries, including a dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs, and multiple fractures in her hind legs. He was believed to be paralyzed and blind for a long time, for his eyes were infected and he continuously dragged himself to and fro.


Chowder was neglected. He had a sever mange and deep wounds and crusts. When people heard of Chowder’s story, concerned citizens started looking for him, and he disappeared, only to be found a week later by the first person who reported him. This person then coordinated with Carina Suarez (describing her as an animal lover would be underestimating her love and passion for animals).



There are still good people in the world. Ms. Carina took matters into her own hands, as she did and is still doing for many an animal, and cared for Chowder. She brought him to the vet and nursed him back to health.

People thought Chowder was as good as dead. They thought wrong. Yesterday, this ball of energy celebrated his first 24 hours with us. He is now part of the Ramirez family!


Video and photos are mine.


Welcome home, Chowder! โค


(Information on Chowder’s background come from Ms. Carina Noralyn Suarez.)

(To know more about Chowder’s previous condition, check out these posts and see just what a miracle it is for him to be alive and well:)



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