If Candy has always been a staple in your monthly magazine fix, you were probably just as shocked and as sad as every other Candy Girl out there once you flipped the pages. If you don’t know yet, Candy has released its final print issue this November, and we’re all ugly crying.

Photo from Candy’s Facebook Page
Photo from Candy’s Facebook Page

The November issue is all about the new girl gang featuringย the ever so quirky Andrea Brillantes and the talented Ylona Garcia on the cover. Flip a couple of pages, and instead of the usual editor’s note, you’d get to read, with teary eyes, mind you, the heartfelt and extremely personal messages of the great people who made Candy possible. As they say, once a Candy Girl, always a Candy Girl!

In the Spotlight section is an article called It’s Never Too Early To… (p. 59), and it’s my fave article in the magazine to date! In those four pages are stories of young and brilliant people who’re making their mark in the world by pursuing the things they’re passionate about. Talk about inspirational!


Another inspiration is 14 year old Sofia Guidote, a figure skater and aย Dream Big, Princess Disney ambassador, who’s on her way to reaching her dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. In an article I enjoyed writing called High Hopes and Olympic Dreams (p.26), Sofia tells us of her tough journey as a figure skater, and how she keeps up with the pressure and obstacles of fulfilling her goals. You can check out her facebook page too!

Great movies are also out this month, such as Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Moana (p.32)! You can check out my and my co-Council of Cool members’ articles on these films, and watch them for yourselves!

There’s so much in store for everyone in this issue, and yes, we’re all still dazed and confused finding out that this is the final print issue of Candy, but fear not. Candy is still up online in their website! This isn’t the end of Candy, because as long as you’re a Candy Girl at heart, the magazine continues its legacy. #CandyGirlsForever



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