As the cool weather comes in and the threat of another storm slowly wanes, the la vie boheme aura of the -ber months comes to its full blossom. It is clear to see that Candy exudes just about this vibe for this month’s issue. But as we all know, either from experience or from the experiences of others, not every situation leaves you calm, cool, and collected. In fact, in the awfully wonderful years of elementary and high school, we learn just that: sometimes, that weird feeling of the combination of butterflies in your stomach and sweaty hands isn’t something you can totally avoid. Then again, what exactly is a full high school experience without having a happy crush, a celebrity crush, and maybe a Candy Cutie crush?

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Photo from Candy’s Facebook page

On the cover are James and Jack Reid, brothers, one an already famous celebrity and the other, a celebrity in the making. Read about their relationship with each other, and check out the awesome photos from their photoshoot (p.21). But oh! ‘Tis the season for a new batch of Candy Cuties once again! In the feature article Boy Problems, you can get to know the freshest batch and what they have to say about relationships, dates, and crushes (p. 28)!


If you aren’t necessarily into that, rest assured this month’s issue isn’t just about boys because October isn’t only about Candy Cuties, it’s also the month of, you guessed it, Halloween! Get your Halloween makeup transformations on point with Makeup Magic (p.20). I was able to write about the gorgeous and witty Rachel Levin and her Snapchat filter makeup tutorial. Check out vloggers Park Hye Min and Kandee Johnson for more Halloween makeup inspiration!

AND! One of my favorite articles is out on the Hit List! Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children has always had a gigantic space in my heart, and now it’s a major motion picture! Check out my article on the book turned movie and relish in the uncanny, weird, and peculiar world of Miss Peregrine and her children (p.20).


And though the Hit List section may be the section where we Council of Cool members write, it definitely comes close to a tie with my other favorite: Me, Only Better. Every month, I look forward to reading the articles in this section, and it never disappoints. My personal fave would be Girl Power. Here, Chandra Pepino writes about the street harassment. Little things like catcalling are big issues in society. Though today, people are realizing just how important the fight for gender equality is, it is obvious that this issue of street harassment has not died down. Girl Power reminds readers that it’s never about what one was wearing, or how late at night it was, or whom one was with. Girl Power reminds of how ugly this culture of objectification is, and that we should do all we can to fight it.

Make sure to grab the October issue of Candy for yourself!



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