Often, we tend to forget the little things we should be thankful for: food on our plates, warm blankets to wrap ourselves in at night, or toothpaste to keep our breath fresh. On this month’s issue, Candy focuses on the beautiful thing that is friendship. As we grow older, we learn that friends may come and go, but there’ll be that handful of names and faces you can depend on when the going gets tough. It is those types of friendships we shouldn’t let go of, the kind of friendship we should celebrate.

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On the cover are Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman, the bestest best friends in the Metro. Not only are they BFFs irl, they’re also fashion icons and rising teen celebrities in the Philippines. Read their feature on the mag to find out what they have to say about their opposite personalities, their friendship, and their take on feminism. (p. 29)

See more of Nadine and Yassi in this video!

Also featured in the mag are the members of the Filipino indie-folk band the Ransom Collective. In their article Teamwork (p. 64), they talk about their relationship with each other and their working process of creating content and music they are passionate about.

This month, aside from writing the usuals: the Hit List and the Oops! Segment, we Council of Cool members were given the great task of writing Squad Goals (p.51). First on the segment is an article Alyanna Chio and I made called the Barkada Bucketlist (p.52). On the list are cool, weird, and unique things you can try out with the special people in your life. Some items not only let you and your besties experience something new and exciting, but also allow you to reach out and give back to society and to the people.



Together with this article, I was able to write briefly of my experience traveling with my best friend, Cheska, to the US. 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling with my Best Friend is definitely an article I though long and hard about, especially since the topic was close to my heart and I only had how many words to express myself. Spoiler alert! The fifth thing I wrote on this list would be that there would never be enough time for anything. I advised to keep taking those photos, to laugh as often as possible, and to cherish each and every second of the experience because it’ll be over before you know it.

Don’t forget to check out what the COC ’16 has written for you all in our special segment, Squad Goals, only available on Candy’s September issue.



For this issue, I was also able to write for the cover photo of the Hit List (p.17). On the cover is Dance Mom’s graduate Maddie Ziegler and six reasons we love her in Candy. I remember the editors choosing me to write this article because they knew I had a thing for dance. It’s great that they continue to help us improve our writing by assigning us to articles they think we’re passionate about.

Grab a copy of this month’s read while it’s still on stands nationwide!

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