The August issue of Candy celebrates our roots. It celebrates a childhood and culture so unique and beautiful, it makes you wonder why others would turn their backs on it so easily. As a Filipina teen in today’s day and age where we are constantly muddled thinking of our cultural identity (Hello, Speech 111 friends! Our discussions on language in the Philippines are so interesting and are definitely ones worth pondering.), it gets difficult to find yourself. Luckily, we can go back to where it all began: home.

This month’s theme is homegrown. In every page, there’s a distinct something that makes each one Filipino. On the cover is the beautiful Gabbi Garcia. I feel as though this is the most aesthetically pleasing Candy cover since its revamping at the start of the year.


Candy Aug Cover.jpg
photo from


For the issue, I was able to interview a young, quirky celebrity by the name of Andrea Brillantes. It is refreshing to see and hear someone so positive and funny, and someone who feels and is genuine and truthful. Here, she talks about being a celebrity, how to deal with bullies and bashers, and how to slay at Check out the article Next In Line on pages 18 and 19!


Candy Andrea
photo from


One of my favorite parts of the magazine is the article Hometown Glory (pp.51-57). Here, the food, games, attitudes, language, places, and events that make us Filipino really do shine. But my absolute favorite piece comes from the Me, Only Better section. It’s a piece on spoken word, and I am so glad that people are coming to realize just how beautiful the art is. Check out When Words Take Flight on pp. 67-68!


Don’t forget to grab a copy now, Candy girls and boys!


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