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Ahh, it is no wonder that we call today the golden age of social media. Almost everything, from finding the perfect place to eat to learning  a new sport can be found online, and so many of those Generation Z kids can’t imagine life without it. In my STS (Science, Technology, and Society) class, I learned that the developments in science and technology mainly served two purposes: to search for the truth and to make life easier. And though social media allows practically everything to be just a click away, there are cons to it as well.

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This July, Candy released their Social Media issue. It spans a wide array of topics, from the top fifty people to follow to online shaming to responsible posting. My co-Council of Cool member Alyanna and I were able to compile a couple of your stories for the month’s Oops! segment: #SocialMediaBlunders (pp.80-81). Check out if your hilarious and embarrassing stories were published!



If there’s one thing I fall back to when I’m just tired of all the social media chaos, it’s music. That’s why I found it a long and deep breath of fresh air when I chanced upon Setlist Secrets. Two words: pure bliss.


Don’t forget to grab the July issue of Candy while you can!




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