Meet Sofia Guidote. Fourteen, bubbly, and unbelievably talented. To some, she may be another cute face, but to many others, she serves as an inspiration. With dreams of competing in the Olympics, this figure skater has got a lot on her shoulder at such a young age. But with a bucketful of perseverance and a huge chunk of vitamin positivity, Sofia still manages to keep calm, cool, and collected whilst going for her dream.

“Dreams take time, patience, and a lot of discipline and sacrifices. So stay strong, work hard, and with that, you can do anything your heart desires.”


Image by me, Art by Clare Magno


Get to know more about this dreamer in an article I wrote for Candy! Just click on the link below to read up on our interview.

A long while back, I got Sofia as a talent for one of my production classes in school. Check out the video below! Disclaimer: This was my first time holding and using a cam like this so please forgive the shots (Huhu!). 🙂



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