While organizing my files, I found this piece I wrote when I was 15.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Facts may not be concise.  I do not mean to offend anyone in any way. 




Breathing in the smell of cold, smoky air was a relief to the little girl not quite six yet. They were cooped up inside that foul-smelling shed for too long now, and she couldn’t help smiling as she looked up into the heavens and saw the sun.


It was a beautiful day. Not really. Maybe for the little girl it was glorious, considering she’d been deprived of the world for so long. It was wrong to do that to human beings, especially to children.


It was a horrible day. The sun was only shining because it had to. The clouds passing by were of such ominous color. The revolting smell of corpses and the dispirited faces of fellow prisoners met the little girl, but this negativity couldn’t prevent her from enjoying the little time she had outdoors.


All too quickly, it was time to go back inside. She was excited, for they were being led into a different shed, another adventure. But she was also sad, for she loved the sun and the smoke and the ominous clouds. They were marched inside and were instructed to take their clothes off. It was bath time!


Water! Beautiful water! That was what she thought of as she took off her ragged dress and placed her shoes in one of the little cubbyholes provided in the room. She ran to the front of the line to get in first. It was a lucky day. The doors to the small room were opened and she rushed inside.


No water came out of the little tubes surrounding the room. She thought maybe the pumps were still warming up. She was so excited.


No water came out of the little tubes surrounding the room. She thought maybe the pumps were still warming up. She started to panic.


Moments later, relief turned into dread. They all screamed. They all cried out. Nobody would let them out. And then?




Photo credits: The Guardian



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