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“Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes.”

That’s what they said when Barbie released a video of their latest dolls.

My relationship with this oh-so-famous doll? A Barbie girl through and through! I grew up with her. I grew up braiding her hair and changing her clothes. She wasn’t just another doll for me. And yes, in the span of quite a couple of years, I collected a large amount of Barbie dolls.

Funny, they all had the same sizes of clothes.

I am glad that today, people have taken action. The ideology of having one perfect body type has to stop. Everyone is born unique. And if you are perfectly comfortable the way you look, then there’s absolutely no need to change that. The three new versions of Barbie with three different body types, tall, curvy, and petite, are paving way for the notion of having beauty in diversity.

Mattel releasing a different kind of Barbie is a start. And I like it!

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