Around a year ago, a group of four talented and unbelievably good-looking guys came to the Philippines to play in front of their fans. It was a success, and everyone was hungover from it even weeks after the concert. No, we didn’t know when they’d return. No, we didn’t expect them to come back a year later. But yes, a hundred percent yes were we stoked!

The Vamps came over to the Philippines on the first day of February last year. My friends and I were lucky enough to get close to the guys during the concert. It was amazing!

Surprise! During the concert, I bumped into Ashley Ortega, who used to figure skate with me.

(Also, my friend Reina sent meΒ a Tweet a few days later about the video posted by the Vamps on their concert in Manila. And to my surprise, I was there for a few seconds. Oh, the joy!)


See the video from last year’s concert:


The Vamps came back this 2016. They held their concert on January, 30 at the MOA Arena. Tracey and I weren’t as close as I had been the last time, but the experience was equally awesome. Connor, their bassist, injured his knee during their concert in Hong Kong, but still pushed to join the rest of the boys on stage to rock their concert in Manila. He stayed seated the whole time, shredding it while on his throne.


Here are Tracey and I by the entrance of the MOA Arena. We were so excited for the concert!



This is the band’s second concert in Manila, and they’re hoping for more to come! James, Brad, Tristan, and Connor shared the stage with William Singe, the members of Before You Exit, and the Tide.

If you follow me on Snapchat (chloeramirez08), you would’ve seen the crazy, funny pictures on videos Tracey and I took during the concert. πŸ™‚


Of course we take more photos inside!
Aaaaannd here we are having a blast as the memners of Before You Exit pump as up for the Vamps.
They sang songs from their new and old albums. The whole arena was singing!



We would definitely love for them to come back! Here’s to more concerts in Manila, boys!





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