#BestiesInTheUSA Part 1: The Disney Adventure


It’s been weeks, months, years of dreaming that we’d be able to go out, go on a vacation out of the country – and not for figure skating competition purposes, mind you. Summer 2015 proved to be the time this would finally come true. And it did push through! #BestiesInTheUSA was a blast, an experience neither Cheska nor I would ever, EVER, forget. It doesn’t take a genius to solve the equation: two besties + America + three weeks =100% absolute, pure, fun!


Now, we took everything that came with vacationing seriously, from planning what clothes to bring to plotting the Disneyland map. To prove our seriousness, we even made a Google Doc for everything and had a veeery productive (note the sarcasm) sleepover! Talk about atat! 


March, April, May crawled by at an annoyingly sluggish speed. But finally, the much awaited month of June arrived and everything began to fast forward. Before we knew it, we, sleepy and chinky-eyed from having to rise at such an early hour, were on a plane heading to America. You could just imagine our excitement when we landed, much more when we arrived at our first destination: DISNEYLAND!


The day after we arrived, like little kids (We actually did look like kids there!) we went straight to Disneyland.



Were we suffering from jet lag? Yes. Did we need to catch up on some sleep. Probably. But the most important thing now is to get our tired but extremely thrilled butts to Disneyland! (An example of how our minds were functioning during the first few days of the trip.)


We were there morning ’til night, tirelessly trekking through both Disneyland and California Adventure for three magical days. Our first day was reserved for Disneyland, our second for California Adventure, and our third for the rides and attractions we wanted to go on again.


We tried and rode absolutely everything we could try and ride, and ate everything edible! We went for the magical boat rides of the Pirates of the Caribbean, braved through the musical ghosts of the Haunted Mansion, got drenched on Splash Mountain, went cruising up in the air in California Soarin’, and many more! Since Cheska and I are besties, it was only appropriate that we had the same favourite ride, a ride that literally took our breaths away more than once. The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror was THE best! It was so good, we had to ride it not once, not twice, but three times in a row!



At night, there were dazzling firework displays with the fireworks exploding to the beat of the music, vibrant glow-in-the-dark parades with Disney characters like Mickey, Tinkerbell, Sully, and Elsa dancing and waving to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of wide-eyed people, and dazzling night shows where images and videos of Walt Disney’s amazing journey are flashed on curtains of mist, with Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse narrating for you. 


And on the last night, we strolled back to our hotel room, mixed emotions coursing through our veins. We were happy to have experienced the magic of Disneyland together, but at the same time sad to have to leave. Three days of magic, three days of  fun, three days worth of unforgettable and irreplaceable memories.


#BestiesInTheUSA bucketlist: Disneyland, check!



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