Oh, summer! The sun is out and about, shining over people dawned in sun hats, bikinis, and temporary metallic tattoos. It’s the time of the year when you get to kick back, relax, and have nothing but pure fun.


Last May 9, the UP Junior Marketing Association hosted one of the cutest events of the summer, West Palm: A Sweet Summer Getaway. This was held at the New World Hotel by Manila Bay. I could confidently say that all the guests were pampered to the nail! By the entrance, a photographer or JMAer would welcome the guests and take their photos by a wooden photo wall.


Next stop? The rooftop poolside! There was a small stage for some performances at the beginning of the whole event. One would also notice adorable baby pink hot air balloons hanging on tables and plenty of pictures from past JMA events. 


Aside from all these, who could forget the most delightful, and delicious, New World dessert buffet! The food served definitely fit the summer vibe that was going on in West Palm.

Everyone definitely came back for seconds or even more!


There was a giant JMA sign propped up by the table filled with finger food, a make-your-own-waffle station, and delectable cupcakes from Sophie’s Mom.

The pastel theme of the event gave off the aura of such daintiness, and this made the setting even more delightfully sweet! 


Believe me when I say that the guests did not go home without happy tummies.

There were also plenty of booths to check out. Never was there a dull moment during the event.

Bloggers were treated to an Inglot manicure and makeover! Pampered, all right!



The guests were also given some treats and freebies from JMA’s event sponsors like Tripda tote bags, Fly Art Shades, and a West Palm watermelon pouch. Too cute!


With great music, awesome company, and summer feels, everything in the event was perfect. West Palm was a fantastic way to unwind and just relax while still in the city. It was a wonderful way to spend a sunny summer afternoon!

Want to know more about what went down at West Palm? Check out the video below!



photos from JMA


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