March was one busy busy month. Plenty of fun and exciting events occurred, and one of the most memorable of them all was the first ever Dream Skate 2015. This competition was held in the SM Mega Fashion Hall and SM Southmall last March 6 and 7.


It was very refreshing to see both new and old faces competing on the ice with such passion and love for the sport.

 judges panel

At the judges panel with the wonderful coaches


Mikhaela Pia Francisco, Basic Female Highest Pointer

Karl Christian Icayan, Basic Male Highest Pointer

Cailyn Elizabeth Bangug, High Female Highest Pointer

Russell Anthony Laudit, High Male Highest Pointer

Amanda Sophie Hernandez, Most Artistic Low

Audrey Guenevere Galura, Most Artistic High

dream skate

Photo from the SM Ice Skating Rink Facebook Page

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of Dream Skate 2015! Watching aspiring athletes skate their hearts out on the ice reminds me just how much I love skating.


With Coach Al Marinas, the competition director


With Miss Juliet Fantolgo, the operations supervisor

I feel very lucky to have hosted the event. Hosting and figure skating are two things I love doing, and I am grateful that figure skating has given me so many wonderful opportunities.


I know that I am young, that I am still starting, that I have only seen and experienced the tip of the iceberg, or even less. I have so much to learn, and I am very willing to better and improve myself.


Here’s to more fun and challenging experiences ahead!




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