Photo 2
Boardwalk is ready to take on 2015 with style!

Covering the Boardwalk event was one different experience. “Why was it different from any other event?” you say.

For one thing, getting the best spot to take photos was like Clash of the Cameras.

Also, after the fashion show where they introduced the fresh new faces of 2015 and launched their new collection, the media were led out of the ballroom and rapidly dispersed like ants that’ve strayed from their trail to interview the Boardwalk endorsers. Now that was crazy fun!

The models strutting down the runway for the finale

My respect for journalists and photographers has grown a thousandfold after covering the event. And I have also realized that if before, I thought I had so much to learn, now, I know that there’s so much more than I ever expected.Β 

Here’s the link to the article! Please do check it out if you have the time.



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