(Photos from CCP Dance School’s Facebook Page, Cheska Reyes, and myself)


CCP Dance School’s Fairy Christmas held in the CCP Main Theatre was a graceful way of ending the year. When the lights died down, the curtains opened, and the music began, we were immersed into a totally different world, a magical one.



Pre-show ritual! Here they are praying for a successful performance.


baby ballet

You can’t help smiling once you see the Baby Ballet students perform as Holly Berries on stage!



The enchanting Dance of the Fireflies was a work of art.


Leaf Fairies, Woodland Fairies, and many more graced the stage with their performances.



Lea Roque on the stage for the final dance, the Snowflake Dance.


Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without diligence and perseverance. During the show, it showed how much all the dancers practiced and worked hard to deliver great performances.


Here are some behind the scene photos from their many hours of practice!



Thou shall not underestimate the importance of stretching.



The dancers from the Classical Ballet 3 level practice almost everyday!



Dancing may be fun, but it sure is exhausting!



The Classical Ballet 3 level class posing for the camera as if they were not tired at all!


Congratulations to all the dancers! Everyone was magnificent on stage. Brava!


Also, great job to my best friend, Cheska Reyes, who invited me to this awesome show. You’ve retired from skating, and I respect that. But I see that in ballet, you’re going to go a long way! I know that you and your friends were worried and nervous since you guys were the last to perform, but seeing you all on stage, I can confidently say that you guys had nothing to worry about! You were so pretty and graceful! All the hard work and tough times paid off. Congratulations, Bestie! I feel honored and grateful that you invited me to such a magical event. Brava!


me and cheska



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