20 Facts About Me

1. My full name is Francine Chloe Ramirez.

2. I’m a freshman at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

3. I’m a figure skater. ❄️

4. I am an over-thinker(think, think, think) and an over-analyzer(analyze, analyze, analyze). 💆💬

5. I am an amateur host (emphasis on the word AMATEUR). 🙆

6. I’m a Directioner (Woooh! I cannot wait for #1DinManila2015.). 🎊

7. I love Lorde’s music. I’m such a senti person. Hahaha!

8. 💁 is the emoji I love the most because it portrays an unending list of possible responses. It’s so swag. 💁💁💁

9. “There is nothing chocolate cannot fix.” (Sarah Kay) 🍫🍪🍩

10. I love winter. Disclaimer: Frozen is not my fave movie. 🙂

11. I love reading classics. 👓

12. My fave color is PINK. What a surprise! 💕

13. I just got into the Junior Jock Program of Magic 89.9.

14. I own a blog ( www.verychloe.wordpress.com ).✒️

15. I am to be part of the upcoming batch of Candymag.com correspondents. ✏️📋

16. I tried kwek kwek for the first time in UP with my friends just a few days ago. Yay! 🙊

17. I absolutely despise insects. Creepy crawlies are exactly that to me: creepy. 🐜🐝

18. I’m a professional bathroom singer and I play the guitar a little bit. Listen at your own risk!🙅

19. I have tons of allergies. 😅 Achoooo!

20. I have 6 pet turtles. They all talk because they’re awesome. 🐢

BONUS FACT! I am actually an undercover spy princess from the planet of Chocolate Kisses. Shhhh! 😎



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