orange bikes

Thanks to ING Bank, a Dutch financial institution, thousands of children from Asian countries have the benefit of riding bicycles to school instead of having to walk up to three kilometers.


“I usually walk to school for nearly an hour everyday because the road is not paved,” says Jolina, 15, an Aeta from a community in Zambales.

She continues, “The road becomes more difficult when it rains. It gets muddy which makes walking even more difficult. Our slippers stick to the mud. We have to walk slowly and carefully.”

From Aeta children receive Orange Bikes of


orange bikes×283.jpg


“This bicycle is not an ordinary bicycle. It is a tool to improve someone’s life. It is the strongest bicycle you will ever see in the world and it is designed for rural conditions,” says Brian Berkhout, director of World Bicycle Relief, an international nongovernment organization that facilitates the supply of bikes to the beneficiaries.

From Students pedal their way to school on ‘Orange Bikes’ of


ING Bank has partnered with non-profit organizations in the Philippines: World Vision and World Bicycle Relief.

The provinces of Zambales and Isabela share this wonderful new means of student transportation.

orange bikes worldbicycle



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