Last July 5, 2014, Saturday, Bea Benedicto, one of the beautiful hosts of Upload, tried figure skating for the first time.  On the show, Bea’s role is to try new and exciting things every week!  This week, it is figure skating!


The shoot was done during Coach Clarisse’s extremely early off-ice group training.  The crew continued to shoot our on-ice powerstroking, which was held right after the off-ice training.




I had such a blast teaching her the basics of ice skating since she was so bubbly and energetic. She learned quite quickly!  And in all honesty, she only fell once! 


After skating came the interview.  Bea was such a jolly interviewer that I really enjoyed every second of it!  Her laugh was so contagious!


Catch the skating segment of Upload on PTV4, Tuesday, July 15!  The show is from 8 to 9pm.  I hope you guys have fun watching it! 🙂




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