Last March 20, 2014, Thursday, twelve seniors from a small yet distinguished school, Mont Michel School, shed tears of joy as they marched down the aisle on their graduation.  Twelve high school students bowed in front of the audience and left the stage as graduates.  Twelve unique adolescents danced their hearts out because they knew that it would be the last time they’d be together on one stage.


We all knew we’d cry during our graduation, but we didn’t realize how hard it would be to say “goodbye for now”.  We have known each other since kindergarten.  We have gone through so much together.  We have memorized each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We have learned to love each other’s good and bad points.  Time has made our bond so strong, it would take more than years of separation for it to break.  We’ve been there for each other in the past, and we’ll still have each other’s backs in the years to come.


My fellow graduates have taught me so much.  They have taught me that no one has to face life alone.  They showed how loyal and trustworthy true friends can be during hard times.  They taught me to laugh more often.  They showed me what it was like to have five sisters and six brothers.  The list of lessons I learned would never end!


I’ll end this quickly before I bore everyone with more of my emotional thoughts.  I’ll end this with thank you’s.

TO     Alyana, Patsie, Dea, Reina, Nicole, Kirby, Rion, Vincent, DJ, David, and Mico,

           Thank you for everything, like literally everything!  You guys should stay the beautiful and humble people I came to know.

TO     all the teachers,

           Thank you so much for bearing with us.  Thank you for patiently teaching talkative me.

TO     the Mont Michel administration,

           Thank you for being like a family to me.  Thank you for all the love and support.  I will never forget the school!

TO     my parents,

           Thank you for raising me the way you did.  I wouldn’t have gotten this far if not for your constant guidance.


WE are    inseparable.



WE are ONE.






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