It is highly unlikely for a tropical country to produce a Winter Olympics candidate, but Michael Christian Martinez has done exactly that. Michael was the lone athlete to compete in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics representing the Philippines. Not only is he the first in the country, he is also the first ever from Southeast Asia.

Figure skating is undeniably a very costly sport. Though having insufficient funds for his training, Michael was still able to qualify for the Olympics.

It is definitely a note-worthy achievement for him, and he will just keep getting better. The figure skaters whom he has skated with, the coaches who have trained and cheered him on, people from the Philippines and even those in other countries, everyone is very proud of the Philippines’ skating prodigy.

After finishing 19th in both the short and freeskate programs, Michael was able to come back to his home country. He is staying in the Philippines for just four days. He has to leave immediately after because he is preparing for his next competition in Bulgaria on March. Let us all support him and cheer him on!

Last February 24, I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask him some questions. We being friends, the interview didn’t feel like an interview at all. It was more personal, more like a normal conversation, but with me asking all the questions. Since he has a packed schedule, I decided to ask him just two questions. Click this link to find out what he had to say!



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