“The Lord has greater plans for you.”


The last month contained a large amount of exciting and mind-boggling experiences.  On early October, some of my figure skating friends and I went to Hong Kong to compete in a figure skating competition: the Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge 2013/2014.  There I had gained a lot of experience and wisdom.  I was able to have some fun and craziness as well, having visited Disneyland after the competition to relieve ourselves from all the stress and anxieties we had.



I was also given the chance to host a figure skating competition in the Philippines: Skate Manila 2013.  I feel so thankful and blessed to have been given such wonderful opportunities.  I am one step closer to becoming a real host/ broadcaster.



This month ended with jubilant thoughts and contented minds.  How was your October?  I bet you guys had an awesome October too.  Let us all just hope that November will be as eventful.

“You can’t stop the future
You can’t rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret
…is to press play.” 
― Jay AsherThirteen Reasons Why


P.S.  I am planning to make this blog more personal.  If you have any suggestions for topics and themes that you want me to write about, contact me! Check out the right side of my blog to reach me.  Thank you!




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