“Be brave.  Take risks.  Nothing can substitute experience.”

(Paulo Coelho)


No matter how hard one tries to elude it, one will always have to take risks.  Risks are part of life.  If one does not risk anything, he will not accomplish much.  Taking risks deepens one’s understanding of life and allows one to discover that unexpected things happen.

Risks may be big or small.  They may result to victories or failures.  If one never dares to take risks, he will not be able to taste the sweetness of victory.  When one fails, he just has to get up and to move on.


Some people do not understand how others seem to easily accomplish their goals and dreams.  More often than not, these people succeed not because they are plain lucky, but because they work hard and do not give up.  It takes perseverance to be successful, and blood, sweat, and tears are sometimes involved.

Take calculated risks, not foolish ones.  By taking risks, one is open to change.  By taking risks, one lives.


references for images: http://resources.rpoassociation.org/blog/bid/224479/The-7-Risks-of-Recruitment-Process-Outsourcing





2 thoughts on “RISKS

  1. your’re right Chloe; a positive frame of mind also makes a lot of difference because one may work hard but if his/her mind negates it with discouraging or negative thoughts whatever work that has been done will come to nil

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