It is hard to believe whether or not luck is real.  Can people be forever lucky?  Can they be cursed with bad luck and haplessness?  



People who are living under a roof, eating three or more meals a day, going to school, and being able to go online are definitely lucky.  Those people are far better off then most people in the world.  Most of these lucky ones do not know how much they have.  Some even take advantage of the things other people can only dream of having.


There are some less fortunate people who feel lucky enough themselves.  Those people are the martyrs.  Their optimism and determination to live life everyday is definitely something to think highly of.


Be thankful for what you have.  You are lucky to be online and reading this.  I am lucky as well, and sometimes I do take advantage of the things I have.  The thing is, I try.  I try to be as grateful as I can for everything I have.  You should try too.

I’m lucky.  Lord, I’m lucky.

(Carroll O’Connor)


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