Since the day we were born, we were made to believe magnificent fairy tales.  We were shown the magical worlds of princesses and knights.  We were given the ideology that these were real.


As people grow older, their eyes open and face reality, the magic and fairy tales crushed.  As people mature, they are made to forget the wonders of the mysterious stories they were once made to believe.  Those crushed souls of children learning to accept that everything they were told were lies are very heartbreaking to look at.


Maybe these fairy tales are not real in the literal sense, but with a little imagination, they can be real enough.  Where could a fairy tale start?  Maybe on top of the Eiffel Tower, maybe beside the Statue of Liberty, or maybe in the underground cave in Palawan.  Maybe you are the long lost princess or the secret prince.  Maybe those eccentric geniuses are the good witches and wizards.  And maybe the people who commit murder, libel, perjury, and everything in between are the monsters.  Those evil sadistic brutes are the demons we will all have to face.  Maybe fairy tales were made to prepare us for what lies ahead.  Maybe since the day we were born, these fairy tales served as a warning.

reference: blogs.scientificamerican.com for photo above



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