Let us play a game.  Truth or dare?  Hold on a second, there is a twist.  The game shall be renamed “Are You Going to Tell the Truth or Are You Going to Dare to Lie?”


The truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality.  It is stating what actually happens.  Often people face the atrocious decision to either tell the truth but risk losing something or someone or tell a lie and wait for the guilt and regret to get to the person until the truth is out in the open.


The truth always finds its way out, though it may not occur in the near future.  The truth is extremely powerful, and sometimes not in a good way.  Those heavy secrets that are sworn never to be told are the worst things a person can put face to face with the truth.  For some reason, truth always prevails.


Someone very powerful and respected once said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”  This is quite true.  The sun never fails to rise in the east.  When he gets tired, the moon takes his place.  This is an everyday phenomenon.  This is the reason we have tomorrows.  The truth may not pop out early in the morning though, it is very sly.


Most people are not cut out for deception.  Others just do not feel comfortable telling the truth and having nothing to hide.  Either way, the world is a strange place.  The world might just be conspiring with the truth to break all relationships.  Or maybe it is our fault.  Maybe we just have to learn to tell the truth.


Are you going to tell the truth or are you going to dare to lie?

Truth or dare?


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