Of all the colors in the universe, what makes neon so different?  Well, first of all, neon is not even a color.  That pretty much sums it up, does it not?


Neon, being extremely bright, is eye-catching.  It is beautiful. It is unique and interesting, just like the human thumbprint.  Neon is like a rainbow in the dead, gloomy sky when the moon is lost.  Neon is the splash of brightness in life.


Every person has a hint of neon inside him.  It is part of what makes people who they are.  It is just a matter of finding which shade of neon a person is.  It is a magical thing how a little touch of color can make life seem so wonderful and perfect and easy.  Getting carried away is quite simple too.  Too much neon in life, both in the literal and the figurative sense, is horrid.  It is one colorful recipe for disaster.  Then again, too much of anything can be bad and awful.


Happiness and control, the two things that do not quite fit together in a sentence.  Having one of the two is simple.  Having both is another story.  People need to be happy to live honest and awesome lives.  People also need to learn how to control themselves.  Controlling actions, feelings, impulses, the list just goes on and on.


It is only when a person can show off his or her neon side and be in control can life really seem worth stressing about.  No matter what, life is worth all the sacrifices in the world.  Living becomes even more worthwhile if a person can show his or her real self to everyone.  Again, neon is beautiful.


Show the world your neon side.

reference for image: neon-painting–large-msg-132820787345.jpg



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