The first half of my summer was surprisingly exciting.  Since this coming school year I will be a senior, I will have to apply and to take entrance tests to get into the colleges of my choice.  So for a whole month (practically half of my summer), I attended college entrance test review classes.


My first thoughts about attending these classes were negative and sarcastic.

 I just signed up for another month of learning.  Am I crazy?  

As classes progressed I was able to make great friends with my review mates.  We were the jolliest section ever!  We would go out to watch movies.  We would have lunch dates after classes.  We would actually talk about what to wear the next day!  We would all have matching clothes on.  It was epic.


The last outing we had was when we went out and played laser tag.  We had lunch at Pancake House and dessert at Jamba Juice.  We went window shopping and – I admit – a little bit of real shopping.  Lastly, we played laser tag.  We had so much fun.


A month ago, I would never have thought that taking college review classes would be fun.  Now I wish it lasted more than a month.  I will definitely miss those awesome people.


P.S.  If one of my review mates is reading this, thank you. Keep in touch! 




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