It all started in 2007 when two men with terminal illnesses decided to live life to the fullest.  They decided to make a list of all the things they wanted to do before they die.  They called their list the “bucket list.”


“If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

~Thomas Edison


It is summer in the Philippines.  In most parts of the world, summer comes on June, and June is just a few months away. Why not plan ahead (or in the case for the people in the Philippines: plan now) what to do for the summer?  Why not make a bucket list?



“Bucket list” comes from the phrase “kick the bucket” which is an English idiom meaning “to die.”


A bucket list can be as long as that World History book in the library or as short as a single sentence.  It all depends on its maker.  Young or old, people have wishes and dreams.  Why not write them down?  The feeling of crossing a sentence out because he or she has finished or done that task is electric, as if one has accomplished something worth celebrating.


I have a bucket list of my own, a long list of impossibly possible goals that someday I will be able to accomplish.  I wonder what your bucket list is like.  Do you mind sharing?




5 thoughts on “THE BUCKET LIST

  1. Well, when I make a bucket list, it ends up being a shopping list! Anyway, I don’t mind sharing an excerpt of my bucket list 🙂

    -do Infinite’s Scorpion Dance (if you haven’t heard of it, check it out on Google)
    -land a jump (I just started skating in August 2012 and I’m already turning sixteen so I don’t think doubles and triples are possible)
    -Be able to dance to “Before the Dawn” and “One Shot”
    -Split! (I’m a stick but I’m working on it!)
    -be able to skate in another country (even leisurely. I bet they have better ice there)

    There 🙂
    What’s in yours?

    1. Oh wait I almost forgot some parts from mine:
      -dance to SHINee’s Lucifer (I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but this one is CRAZY!)!
      -have good skating friends as well (I’m painfully shy and I stutter so it’s hard for me to make friends)
      -skate in an ice show, definitely! 😀

      Yup there’s mine

      1. Cool bucketlist. We’re both skaters and we’re practically the same age. What a coincidence! Well, some of the goals written in my bucketlist are to land a double axel and to travel the world. I bet you’ll be able to land your doubles! You can do it! 👍☺

  2. Coincidence it is. I ~hope~ I can too, someday (after college, haha!) Well, it sounds pretty weird, but I’ve seen you in the rink before and you’re really good! You can land that double axel, I know you can! 🙂 I believe in you.

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