Art \ˈärt\ n. the use of skill and imagination in the production of beautyImage

It is another month, April.  This time I would like to do something different.  I would like to dwell on art.  Art is a form of expression.  Through this, people can reveal their true and inner selves. Some people express themselves through digital and traditional art.  I express myself through writing, public speaking, and figure skating. Yes, figure skating IS an art.  In my opinion, art is not just confined to painting and music.  It is everywhere!  If you express yourself in a certain way, then I call that art.
My favorite part in expressing myself is when I am able to inspire others.  The feeling of people understanding your art is indescribable.  Nothing compares to making people happy with what you are doing.  It makes you feel good inside.  It makes you discover that you have a purpose, a purpose to inspire others.
Everyone should find their “art” side.
Everyone should be able to express their opinions.
I have found my “art” side.  What’s yours? 

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