Jewelry, clothes, bags, and even friends…  I can go on and on about “fake” and “real”.  Though it is easy to call things fake, it is pretty difficult to call people that.

Fake friends love it when you are miserable.  They would do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) to make you look stupid.  Most of the time you would not know if a friend is a fraud because many are pretty good actors.  Fake friends will not be there for you when you need help.  Fake friends would not care about you.  They will not love you.  They would only suck up to you when they need you.  Fake friends believe rumors, spread them, and judge you.  They cause drama, and they come and go like clouds.

True friends are hard to find, but once you have found them, they will be there forever.  True friends help you get through life.  They will always stay by your side, and they will never get in the way to hinder your success.  True friends are those you can insult without hurting their feelings.  They make you genuinely happy.  They let you be YOU.  True friends will be there in both the good and bad times in life.  In my opinion, it is much better to have just a few real friends than to have many fake ones.  What is the use of having many friends if you cannot depend on them?  The quality of friendship is better than quantity.

In toto, just be careful of whom you befriend.  THINK.  And for those who have real friends already, be thankful.  I am happy I have found my true friends.  They will definitely be there for me until the end.  I have had my fair share of fake friends.  I am just thankful to have met my true friends already.  Cherish the moments you have with your friends.  These are moments you would like to keep forever.

“Real friendship is shown in times of trouble. Prosperity is full of friends.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


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