ImageCan’t you just feel the Christmas spirit?  Christmas songs playing on the radio, Christmas trees and ornaments embellishing every house, lots and lots of people going Christmas shopping, these are few of the many signs that Christmas is getting closer.  It is definitely good to have fun during Christmas, but i would like to give you guys some friendly advice.

1.   LOCK YOUR HOUSES!  Make sure to securely lock the gates and doors of your houses.  Keep in mind that there are many thieves during this time of the year.  There is no harm in being a little more cautious these days.

2. KEEP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AWAY FROM CURTAINS.  Keeping Christmas lights away from curtains is one way of preventing any misfortunes from happening.  Keeping lights near curtains is a fire hazard.

3.  IT IS CHRIST’S BIRTHDAY!  You can’t deny the fact that we celebrate Christmas for Jesus.  You should never, ever forget this… EVER!

I bet you all know this already, but it is good to be reminded.  Have a merry Christmas season, and may God bless you and your families always!



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